My.Coop – Managing your agricultural cooperative – is here to stay!

Although the UN International Year of Cooperatives has just recently taken off, I believe the launch of the training package My.Coop in Turin – Italy some weeks ago can already be considered as one of the main highlights of this festive coop year. So far many ideas have been brought forward to take the cooperative business model to the front stage again, but as far I know none of them have been so practical, straightforward, useable and desired as this (free available!) package of training modules on cooperative management. My.Coop consists of four easy-to-apply training modules on (1) basics of a cooperative, (2) supply management, (3) cooperative marketing and (4) cooperative service provision.

I’m convinced that My.Coop comes at the right time as it introduces modern business concepts into the cooperative business model. Working with coops in Kenya, Uganda and Ethiopia I experience that most old traditional leaders are stepping down and young ambitious managers are taking over with new ideas and envisioning a new business future for their cooperative. My.Coop has been developed with these young professionals in mind and aims to train them to make a next step and to further professionalizing their cooperative company.

But now comes the remarkable part of this story: despite its uniqueness (can you imagine, state of the art training modules free available!) hardly anything has been done to promote My.Coop! Even Agriterra, despite being one of the initiators and contributors, remains silent! Is it because of our agricultural roots (”Just act normal, then you’re acting crazy enough as it is!”) that we are so modest? Why do we shy away from celebrating and communicating exuberantly this kind of achievements? Ok, I agree that the website could be (quite) a bit more fancy and could use some improvements but then again, the My.Coop training material is awesome and I truly hope and believe that soon many many cooperators in the world will make good use of it. So please help us in spreading the news: My.Coop has arrived and is here to stay!

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  1. harun schreef:

    I have extensive experiance on providing farmers led enterprise interested to this kind of training for career development.

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